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My Birthday celebrations sat 20th sept!



Truth or Dare!

Depression and Suicide to me back in the day, was a nothing subject honestly without sounding like a bit$h, I was very much the one that was “suck it up” “don’t be ridiculous” “suicide is selfish” and “As if you would be so dramatic”.

 Coming from a family like most, that never communicated about their issues, I found it hard to relate to people who were……… “dramatic”.

 As I got older, with knowledge and understanding I realised that depression and suicide for people is actually an unbalance inside. Without knowing it, people slip into their mind and find it hard to get out. They would over analysing, every situation in the most irrational way.

If you are on the outer, experiencing the irrational rants of a person suffering depression it can be quite overwhelming. Particularly if you are unaware at first that they are suffering, you honestly just think they are crazy and full of sh$t.

I am now well aware that members of my family are suffering from depression and the more I look into it, I am finding many of my friends also are suffering from this silent killer.

Seeing what depression can do to one’s personality and moods, I too have without a doubt unknowingly have felt depression and truth be told probably am still suffering at a mild degree.

Part of the reason for this challenge I am literally coming up with as we speak is to get my feelings out, and look into personal health and well being and to better my knowledge of the issue, so I can be that person my family and friends feel they can come to. Also to make people everywhere aware that this is a huge issue that we all need to get involved, because you are kidding yourself if you think you or everyone around you is OK someone if not yourself is Depressed. Acknowledge, get help and feel happy again.

Do it for yourself and do it for your family and friends, because trust me they don’t want to be the ones that have to find your breathless body. It is a harsh sentence to swallow but it is a growing truth that we don’t need anymore. So I dare you to feel good within and be happy again.

There will be more coming as I grow and learn so will you, lets stamp out depression and suicide. 

If you are an Australian resident please find a contact below if you are feeling down trodden and unable to get out, Lifeline know their stuff!!



Call Lifeline’s 24hr crisis telephone line on 13 11 14

(above phone number is in Australia only, you can also contact your doctor to refer you on for help)



Gold Coast kinda life! Beautiful day!



Where the wild ones are!! #niece #outfitM&SLondon

More Morocco!!



More Morocco!!

Morocco antics!, Marrakech



New lamps so hot right now! @ Pillow Talk!

New lamps so hot right now! @ Pillow Talk!



Trip into the CBD Brisbane and a nice little lunch at Aria if you please!!



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